Ps4 controller to android



I have some input lag with my ps4 controller to my android device (galaxy core prime) through Bluetooth,I’ve been through some forms and I found out about Bluetooth auto connect which helps but does not make it as good as normal.
let me explain…

As soon as I connect the controller to my phone,in the first 30 seconds I get perfect,precise actions,but after that it gets a brutal amount of input lag,with Bluetooth auto connect you can somewhat fix that but its not as precise as how it was in the 30 seconds,anyone got any leads to fix this?


Its better to use cable connection through your mobile, as Samsung Galaxy S8 user you dont have trouble with bloutooth connection! :slight_smile:


Please move to a 5Ghz band on your wireless network if you are using bluetooth connection for your controller since there will be interference if you are on a 2.4Ghz band on your wireless network.