Question about the streaming quality


So recently I’ve been getting EXTREME lag with the liquidsky client so I started using ■■■■■■ which helped out a whole lot. But the mouse is hidden is there anything that I can do to help support ■■■■■■ with liquidsky because not seeing the mouse is super annoying


The one solution would be to enable option “Show location of pointer when I press CTRL key”. Well, not the best solution but could help a little to navigate if mouse cursor is fully hidden.

Update: You can achieve a lot better result (mouse cursor is always visible) if you use custom cursor application, for example, CursorFX or etc.


There is a config file in Liquidsky folder,change show mouse cursor from 0 to 1.Restart.Done…


Every time I try that it automatically reverts back.


Could you give me the link to one?


Just Google CursorFX, AniFX or YoloMouse. CursorFX works fine for me. :slight_smile: