Quick questions from newby


Hi all

I'm new around here. Stumbled accross this service while looking for alternatives to GeforceNow for my Shield I got at XMAS.

Beta was closed by the time I found this but signed up anyway and got invited to join the community.

So I've I've read the main site and beed reading thru here and have a couple things I'd like to clarify in my mind...

  1. Does the SkyPC you create come with any game pre-installed or do you have to install them yourself?

  2. I see people are using Origin and Steam. I take it they are services with monthly sub. Do they have free games in the sub or do you have to pay for them all?

  3. Being that you can use this PC for anything you wish, is it possible to upload an ISO file to it and mount it in DaemonTools?

Thanks to all in advance


1) You yourself have to install the game
3) If it's licensed content, yes.

  1. No
  2. Steam etc are basically digital distribution platforms, google Origin and Steam for more info
  3. Yes

Basically you get a remote desktop session onto a windows server to do what you want with, I have installed steam and play my steam games on there as well as the blizzard app. You can install anything you want on there, so go play old DOS games if you wish, its just a windows box with super fast streaming.



Thanks for your promt response guys


i wonder is it okay to download stuffs from torrents? For instance i would like to play lineage 2 but not on the official server it's free to play but i'd like to play on mine so is there any way to download an older client from torrent or is it just banned?


It is not recommend .


If what you are doing is legal then go for it, if what you are doing is illegal then do not do it. Same legal rules apply as they would on your own system, I am not sure if LiquidSky have any checks in place to see if processes are running that could be use for illegal activity etc, I doubt they will but I would avoid doing anything that is "undefined" in legality.

Torrenting alone would probably be fine as its no different to any other transport mechanism for files, however torrenting illegal files or hosting illegal files would probably be in breach of terms and also illegal.


Unfortunately, if you look at their FAQ, there is a question about torrents at the bottom. The reply in the FAQ is this:

"Using torrents or any kind of piracy on your SkyComputer is forbidden and you will get banned for doing so. It is against our terms of use so be aware of that and always use software that you have license for. If you own a game or a program on a physical disk rather transfer the installation files to your SkyComputer using Google Drive or alike services than download it using a torrent."