QWERTZ Keyboard Language



just created an Account and started the pc for the first time. My Problem is i‘m from Germany so i need QWERTZ Language.
I already changed the inputlnguage to German and selected it on Desktop but nothing happens, it‘s still QWERTY Layout.
I also tried the script that can be found here but after starting the Script nothing Changes, it‘s still QUWERTY and for example z any y aren‘t swapped, they remain as defined in QWERTY.

Please help me because with this Problem i can‘t ise the service very well as i don‘t know the exact Layout of the QWERTY and it would be a pein learning it.
I also tried to select the language and german was added and set to default but still Z and Y are changed :frowning: Tried with and without the Script you get here to remap the keys but nothing is working :frowning: (i tell you this one because as you can see i tried everything i can. Saidly there is no possibility to install neew display languages etc. but the Change of the layout to German QWERTZ or the script should work but the aren‘t :frowning:
I already wasted nearly 30 Credits trying to fix it which is very bad because thats 30 minutes that i wasted and can now play 30 Minutes less this month :frowning: Is there any method of trying to fix it without loosind my credits? Because otherwise i have to waste more of them and that would be really bad :frowning: Or is there a possibility to at least get some of the waster Credits back because the Time payed should be gaming time and not wasting the trying to change the Windows Settings. Would be really happy if that would be possible because here in Germany i only get some Money from the government because i habe no job, it‘s only 552Euro where i spend most of it for paying my rent and for food. There is not much left after that and i payed for the 6000 Credits (monthly plan) from that money left in the hope i can play Games without a pc so i hope you understand my situation and would like to here from you or get some credits back so i can play the up to 100h / Month because that‘s what i payed for and not wasing more then 30min of Gametime only to select the right settings :frowning:

PS: (Sorry that i explain some things with many word and so getting a very long Message/Post. That‘s because German is my native language and my english skills aren‘t that good and sometimes i have to explain what i mean because i don‘t know the correct word for saying it directly/less big sentences)


If I’m reading you correctly, you’ve tried this method linked below:

Not sure what else you can do, since that’s the only workaround that I know for non-QWERTY keyboards. Perhaps when you type in the command try this?:


If you’re having language difficulties feel free to reach out to @Xelasarg for German help.


Thanks for your response.
i tried a preconfigured script but will try the one you linked.
Hope it will work.
Only thing that disappoints me is the fact i lost already 30 credits worth 30min gaming without even having a game installed because of this problem :frowning:


While I can’t guarantee reimbursement, you are always free to contact support here:




just one question to be sure: Do i have to install this on my local maschine or on the server at LiquidSky? Just asking so i don‘t make a mistake here and it‘s not working because of that :slight_smile:

EDIT: Because i can‘t gind one online does anyboady have a script for Full conversion from qwerty to qwertz so it includes every special keys


As far as I know it should be on your skycomputer as that has trouble switching to non-qwerty keyboards.


Yeah ok when i think about it i think you are right, will try it tomorrow when my new gaming keyboard arrives, last one died this morning^^

But i‘m very happy with liquid Sky for now very friendly and quick support :slight_smile: I‘m glad i read about this service in an article and watched some youtube videos. Never thought i will be playing Ark and Pubg with my Macbook air but it‘s working (at least the few minutes i tried it) so really great service :slight_smile:


Well- we try :sweat_smile: Feel free to make a new thread if you have any issues: I’ll be closing this to prevent necro.