Rainbow SIx Siege - Low settings only?



I'm playing R6S for a few days and it work well...in low settings, 30FPS & 720P.

Is it normal to have only this possibility while i'm connected in ULTRA?

Thx :wink:


I played Rainbox six high settings 60 fps in pc high mode https://youtu.be/rWJvFutvaYI


Thx ArsenicN

So after discuss with the custom service & see your video, I tried and it worked!

But just a question, as u can see on my video, at the 5th minute, you can see that the video memory is full, do u have the same thing?


If it is the same, but does not affect the performance, I only lowered to 1 fps in the character selection


I dont have the game, i play the free weekend