Raise / Double Unlimited plan timeout!



Before that happens.
Please, increase timeout values.

  • Normal plan:
    Old value: 30 minutes
    New value: 1.5 - 2 hours

  • High plan:
    Old value: 30 minutes
    New value: 1 hour


Why raise the limit?
30 minutes is just not enough. It makes no sense. Let's say I idle in a game. I go out to have a drink.
I get back, boom, my machine is gone, all my windows closed. Great.

60 minutes would leave enough room for quick tasks, yet prevent long term usage.
And it makes absolutely no sense to have the same timeout for both plans. Normal plan should have at least 1.5 or 2 hours then. It's just logical.

Why it would not be an issue?
Ian (the CEO of LiquidSky) said himself, the plan is being abused heavily. Tons of people use the plan without any timeout - becauise they use tools to prevent said timeout happening. But, I do not want to use such tools. I just want to be able to use the plans that I pay for.


Hey Shiki!

Thanks for giving us such in depth feedback and reasoning for an increase in timeouts.

After further consideration, I'd like to forward this to our development team to see if its an issue that can be addressed with the New LiquidSky being released later in March.

While these timeout values were initially determined as a benchmark to prevent abuse, we have seen over the Beta a plethora of issues and complaints concerning the "timeout" values.

Thanks for the suggestion and for being a helpful part of the community! ;D

Unlimited Plan : Timeout When Playing