Random disconections


Hello everyone, first off, this problem has been going on for me for a few months but lately is getting worse so I decided to finally post here.

I use LS to play mostly overwatch, but sometimes, out of nowhere I get disconected, like, from everything, as if my router gets restarted, my internet dies, it last from 30 seconds to even 2 minutes, this leads to me getting kicked out of matches and overall is pretty anoying.

However it only happens especifically when im playing overwatch on LS, nothing else, already contacted my provider support and they say everything is alright on their end, so is there a way to check if something is causing this on the LS end? its getting pretty frustating.

thx. :smile:


I might say consider running a trace route:


Depending upon how your connection is made to the datacenter issues like this could occur.

EDIT: In light of recent events Blizzard has placed a ban on running their games on any cloud platform. Morgan is trying to open a line of communication but it will take time (such is the nature of communication between companies at times, sadly). 30 day bans have been issued in non-compliance with this EULA change (though hard to say if it was due to running it on LiquidSky or using another streamer [don’t quite remember the details]). Until the situation changes I highly recommend staying off OW on your skycomputer for the time being (or any Blizzard game for that matter sadly :confused: ).


Oh well thats a bummer,will do, didnt even heard about that ban, well, thanks :smile::hugs: