Random HIGH Ping & FPS Spikes


I don't know why it does this, First Ping rises from 40 MS to 1300 MS, then drops back down. Then I get mouse lag, which then leads to FPS Dropping to around 20.

My internet speeds:
250 MBIT/s DL
30 MBIT/s Upload

Happens in any game, even minecraft on lowest specs, also happens on High and Ultra.

If I can get this resolved, I will 100% Buy unlimited. I really like this service.

Also, I live in Washington State, Using California Database


Theres one of the spikes.


I have the exact same issue.

I think it might actually be to do with the server in San Jose.

I've been trying to resolve this as well, so perhaps we can keep trying. Can you run a trace route to that server? See what results you get?


It was working Fine just a second ago, Unturned at 70 FPS running fine. Then I upgraded to Unlimited and cant even connect to server... Help.