Random internet connection error - PC only?


Hey all,

for the sake of (hopefully) narrowing down this bug: I have only encountered the random disconnect bug on the PC client so far.

So the simple question is: has anyone ever encountered a random disconnect while playing on the Android client?

I’m talking about the disconnect error while playing, not the one that freezes non-supported games on startup.

LiquidSky PC will disconnect randomly

I’ve experienced it when the resolution changes to fit my screen better as I have my computer plugged into my TV, and the best resolution for it is 1600x1200, I recently deleted and updated my sky computer and reinstalled my games, but when I change the resolution in a game I get the error message but audio continues in the background and the screen freezes. When I go to the home screen and come back to the sky computer it just comes up a black screen and audio continues to play. I am on a 5Ghz WiFi connection


I don’t mean these forced reboots on resolution change. That’s a new bug.

What I’m talking about is the random internet connection bug that can happen anytime out of the blue while playing a fully supported game. Anyone ever seen this on Android?


Well I can record a video of it happening and submit a ticket to make it easier for you guy to look into the bug if it’s new other than that I had GTA 5 force reboot on the pc only once so far but I’ve never tried on android


I can test it on Android when i have a chance to do it if anyone else experiences the random disconnection issue on Android and I hear about it I’ll say so