Recommended NUC box for liquidsky?


HI, I'm new here.

As far as I can see there isnt a thread on this.

I haven't even got a beta key yet but I wondered if anyone has tried this on a NUC box?

The minumum requirements page is kind of useless because as far as I can see people are having issues with low spec devices (reddit thread). I can't find any threads on recommended specs for a windows PC.

So at this stage once I get a beta key I'm going to try it on a NUC with an intel i5 processor, likely this box:

i5 intel NUC

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'd love to know if anyone is using a similar system with success.

I'd even buy my way in to liquidsky but it seems I can't even do that until the new plans come out in march.



I run LS on a computer that's over 10 years old should be a good indication of how well it runs on crap computers.

Dual Core CPU
750 TI GPU

the 750 I added pretty recently but the obviously as you can see my computer is crap and the CPU is an AMD so there's that but yet AMD runs good enough I've played Witcher 2/3 and some other games like battlefield which ran great


Thanks for your reply! Sounds good, I guess this reddit thread scared me a bit

I'll go ahead and grab the NUC then.

Are you saying on your system you can get 60fps on high settings? 720p or 1080p?


Yes running LS on my system playing Witcher 2/3 and Battlefield 3/4 I was getting really good fps at 1080p but not all games run so well on LS but those were the ones I've played though FPS games for me are terrible because of the latency I experience but might be different for you if you're closer to a center


I use a MBP '09 with a 2,54GHz Core 2 Duo and a nVidia 9400M chip with 256mb. I get 15ms local latency in DXVA decoding. The biggest factor for reduced local latency is a recent gpu. However unless you are playing an fps, you probably won't need less than 10ms local latency which is good news cause for everything else, it runs super smooth, be it 720p@30 or 1080@60. By that I mean the client itself shows the fps consistently at said values.

Edit: Once the new client comes out, it could see one or two ms shaved off if the coding was done well.


Fingers crossed! Yeah latency really sucks, I play World of Tanks Blitz which only has a server in Singapore, ping never under 120.

I'll post again here with my performance once I get a key and get to try out the sydney server!


So everyone so far has posted has a dedicated GPU in their system. Anyone out there using integrated graphics? There won't be any way to install even a shitty dedicated GPU with a NUC, so I'm hoping that isn't so important (ie CPU makes up for it) or the integrated graphics will be enough.


The 9400M is a discrete gpu. It uses the system ram for its memory.

I believe any Intel gpu starting from the HD 4000 have alright performance and the Iris ones should function even better, possibly closer to 5ms than 10.

Worst case scenario you can fall back to software decoding. If the processor is good enough, it could give you less local lat than hardware decoding.

Just to add onto that, to minimise local lat, run your OS in its minimalist settings (no transparency, close all windows and programs that use your gpu, use just one screen) to put all of your gpu's power onto that one single LS window.


Thanks for the tip Jimmy! Sounds like it should be ok, the intel i5 nuc box has intel iris graphics.


Aye I checked the specs which is why I mentioned it :slight_smile:

Your box should be more than enough. Happy gaming whenever you get yourself a key. Just make sure that the same way you minimise the OS for LS, minimise your use of the internet connection since the direct, unbuffered video stream is sensitive to data fluctuation from other connections and data streams being sent or reserve a part of the bandwidth just for the box & LS if your router has QoS.