Reduce Destiny 2 Controller Latency



Hey guys, new here, love the system. When I play Phantasy Star Online 2 there is NO latency with my Xbox controller, I run it as max graphics 60fps and do not have an issues.

With Destiny 2 though, there is almost a complete second of latency, for a shooter it’s a bit annoying. Trying to figure out what to do.

I’m running it on the app on my note 9, on LTE connection. I don’t have any problems with any other games, just Destiny 2.

I tried scaling down the graphics and frames, but it doesn’t work.



Mh, you tried under the exact same conditions? I mean, another game was fine, and then you switched to D2 immediately? I’ve been playing D2 on an almost identical setup, a Galaxy S9+ and GameSir G4s gamepad (Xbox clone), and had no lag.
Also, can you try it on a 5 GHz wifi network? Mobile connections tend to be unstable.


Thank you for your response unfortunately I don’t have wifi right now. And yes I tried it directly after one game to another. There’s considerable latency in the gamepad.


Some ingame sensitivity setting maybe? It doesn’t seem to be realted to your SkyPC, if it’s working in other games. Do you have a Windows PC to test with?


So, I was able to test a little bit here. I’m on my Note 8 as well. XB1 controller connected via Bluetooth. For me, it was plug and play. I didn’t have to change any settings on my SkyComputer or in Destiny 2 itself.

I know you said that you use LTE with other games, but my thought is that the connection might be playing a factor. Officially, we don’t recommending using mobile connections. We recommend 5 GHz WiFi for all mobile users. Are you able to test on a WiFi connection? Or on our PC client?