Reducing bandwidth usage by different video codecs


i wonder about this can liquidsky add in hevc or vp9 for a video codec because it uses a lot of bandwidth to the point where someone might not be able to use the internet in shared environments i know it’s all based on gpus for encoding at the servers but at least one video codec has to be implemented in the hardware


If you watched the AMA Ian (Ceo) hinted about a newer streamer update that should improve its performance more (meaning more hardware support etc)

What internet package are you on. That really shoudn’t be happening


the reason why this is because of so many frames per second which people usually shorten to fps but the thing is home internet charter never completely gets the full bandwidth because the service they put in isn’t dedicated and it deprioritizes after 15 minutes from what i found on charters site so basically after a short time i don’t get consistent performance and another thing is from what i get i’ve set the slider to 26 mbit/s and it used up 60mbit/s to 70 mbit/s i don’t like that because in this area ever since they upgraded the speed to 100 mbit/s it’s been dropping but that’s the best so far and i’ve tried to use my phone my phone never works because the bandwidth is too slow it usually gets around 8 mbit/s and setting the quality slider to 1 mbit bitrate doesn’t fix setting to 720p and 30 fps sometimes works but other times it doesn’t so that’s why i put in a request for a better video codec because the current one h.264 uses too much i would happily pay slightly more if it just made it work like as a separate pricing but from what i know not to convince is this that once you go up in bandwidth and stuff to a certain point it degrades laptop or desktop performance based on the amount of raw data and from what i’ve experienced compressing it a little more makes it work better it uses less cpu i know i went on and on but i’m just explaining myself


replying to myself to point out i wasn’t trying to be mean if you misinterpreted also not trying to be mean about misinterpreting


To clarify in the AMA Ian was talking about a new renderer which could theoretically reduce latencies (local if memory serves) by up to 20%. The new streamer update released earlier already had some network latency improve a bit. Also this does potentially seem to be more of an ISP issue (especially if you’re throttled, at least on Time Warner [now Spectrum] in NY I generally don’t get throttled (then again I do live in a more developed area) but I’m curious- what are the specifications of the device from which you are attempting to use this service?


android but i’m really just tethering it using it on a desktop because my phone isn’t fast enough for some reason at the lowest settings the phone is a blu r2 hd unlocked and put on cricket also that post you edited i’m wondering about that you said has to be implemented with your edit i thought nvidia gpus already at least had hevc or vp9
just edited i forgot to put in it’s because i don’t want my internet to drop out like it has been late at night and around 1 to 4 pm


That might be your reason why. I advise a ton of people in the past to avoid any MediaTek processors because they are incompatible with LS and/or too weak to handle the game stream.

I tried a low end device like the Moto G3 and it worked without any issues (probably because it was using a Snapdragon)


yeah but still i tether it to my windows computer so the internet at the moment doesn’t go out i’ve monitored the bandwidth and it never goes well when it actually works because it reaches that 8 mbit/s limit edit i don’t think out all my thoughts so i forgot again i actually used home internet and the screen started tearing and stuff too


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