Refund from LiquidSky


Its because they are moving away from credits. From this point forward the credit system is no longer going to be used.

Then who is going to refund them? It can’t be Liquidsky because they are not a payment provider like Xsolla or PayPal. LS doesn’t even have the payment info only the payment providers do.


Do you recommend disputing the transaction with credit card companies? Or opening a dispute with PayPal?


Not sure what you are suggesting to dispute. :thinking:


If you want to went some steam, you can dm Morgan directly. But please don’t post accusations like that openly on the forum. Thank you very much.


My DMs are open. Beyond that, this conversation needs to remain civil.


OK so I can’t log in to my LiquidSky Account. I cannot see what my LiquidSky Credits were before my account was deleted and all my data is gone.

I think I used PayPal to purchase Sky Credits which I was unable to use.
Can I get a refund?


Please open a ticket with support if you haven’t already. If you already have, just be patient and they’ll get back to you.


Thank you.

I initially purchased my LiquidSky Credits as a way to test out Vega 64 GPU’s which was advertised at an AMD event

Also because of information here:

The Vega 64 never turned up on LiquidSky which is one reason I didn’t use all my credits.
Other reason was poor gaming experince due to lag between mouse/cursor and gameplay.

I will open a support ticket about it.



How do i open a Support Ticket?

It looks like LiquidSky are preventing me from doing that.

If I try to launch the App I see this message:

I will try the LiquidSky Website again.


Here’s the link:


Ok Thank you. I submitted the support request.


It seems your support team cannot find my support ticket regarding account shutdown, loss of sky credits and data, and request for refund.

I have replied by email pointing to this page with the screenshot telling me my ticket was submitted.

I will try again to submit the support ticket.


Second attempt to submit ticket about account closure, loss of sky credits, loass of data, and refund request is here:


Cool, no problem the second time?


I received a refund payment into my Paypal Account today.
I will go off and check the % refunded versus Sky Credits remaining and what I initially paid just out of interest.
I have been told that support for refunds is shutting down soon.
It was interesting to look at LiquidSky Cloud Gaming.