Regarding the windows activation


“If you still see the watermark, it means you are using an old VM. Simply delete your SkyComputer and reconnect to ensure that you are running a new VM.” I don’t think it’s that simple I mean sure delete and download everything again but you are wasting x time and x credits to download stuff :thinking: pretty sad if you ask me, I mean sure you can buy more credits and call it a day but at the end it’s kind of sad how big games with slow downloads can decrease your credits for that lol. just an opinion


You don’t have to delete your vm. The activation isn’t that big of a deal anyway, unless you’re dying to change the color scheme of the start menu. :wink:

I won’t delete mine anytime soon, simply because I don’t want to redownload everything again.


You don’t even necessarily have to delete your skycomputer- in my case it seemed to activate eventually. Don’t know if you have to delete your skycomputer to get activation.


Yep yep, as they said we aren’t forcing anyone to delete their VM. It’s only if you want.


But I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally do want my pink color back!


Here you go. :princess:


Thanks for sharing your desktop, @Xelasarg. :joy:


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