Release iOS app on Github


Since Apple is not allowing a LiquidSky iOS app through the App Store, please release the source code on Github or similar so we can compile and sideload it onto our iPhones and iPads without having to jailbreak anything. Maybe run a blog detailing how you can compile the project in Xcode and add it to your iOS devices.


Great idea! Maybe they would do that


For now, use Remotr:


Dear Lift_the_Camel,

like it was already said the idea is not bad but till now you should use alternatives like remotr


I use Remotr and have touted it’s effectiveness in bringing LiquidSky to iOS. It is a great little app with some serious potential (especially if they supported Xbox One (Bluetooth) and PS4 controllers).

The thing I do not like about Remotr is the fact that you have to use another device (or remote into another device) such as a laptop or desktop in order to start the LiquidSky instance. I don’t know why I hate having to have such a workaround, but I do, which seriously impacts my desire to use LiquidSky.

Since LiquidSky does not charge for the apps to access their remote computers, I guess it seems like the next logical step if Apple will not approve the app.


You know it was said by the CEO, ian at the AMA that LS tryed verry hard to get approved by apple for it to become avaible for iOS, but he said that they are too arigant and selfish to the point of demanding no cloud computer support and less features for the android OS! so in there defence, yeah its apple who are to blame! not LS, they tryed as hard as they could according to ian at the AMA! also if you want to use remotr without a pc, why dont you just use there cloud gaming service remotrcloud! just youtube the videos to see it in action. i dont know if they are still accepting sign ups, but im using it to carry me till the new LS realise in march!


I will have to check out RemotrCloud when it's out beta.
But i wonder if they give the same performance and possibilities to have a full computer in the Sky as LS.
From what i've seen on youtube didn't impress me... yet.