Release of IOS app?


Nice to be part of the beta team and was wondering if and when an IOS app will be available.


The problem with an iOS app is that they need to respect all of Apple's rules or the app will be rejected. The only alternative is for us to use the test certificate to install and run the app until it eventually gets revoked and the app unable to be opened or we need to compile and install on our own devices via a free, private dev account and xCode.

So all in all, it is very hard to say since LS would be such an unusual app when it comes to the category, features and app rules.


Apple refused to approve Onlive's app.


Only way they're likely to get it approved is to allow subscriptions through the app store so apple gets a chunk of the profit. I'm a developer and just reading through docs and such and my experience.... That's what typically happens with services like this.


Maybe they could use a third party software? Like Splashtop or something like that...


Splashtop is awful when it comes to latency though. It wouldn't work.


What about KinoConsole, Moonlight, Remotr, AirServer, etc?


None of those apps would even be able to connect to LS's servers and none of them are made to prioritise low latency.


I didn't know about that, but I used third party software like Steam In-Home Streaming and about three others since my PC couldn't handle their client. Wonder why it wouldn't work for iOS.


Many of these iOS apps require to be on the same local network which means you cannot emulate a local network like PC to skyPC and if you can connect to it, the latency is simply too high to play games. Even if you can connect to the skyPC, none of those apps support the use of controllers or mice so you're stuck with the touch screen to move the mouse.

In the end these iOS apps exist mostly for work purposes and access to local media, not gaming.


Can I connect my Xbox, PlayStation 4 or Android gamepad controller?

Of course you can! All you have to do is connect your gamepad to your mobile device and you are set to go - Remotr sets up the controls automatically, and you don’t have to do anything. Please note that with PlayStation 4 controllers, bluetooth connections aren’t supported at the moment, and you will need to connect it to your mobile device via USB OTG.

This is from remotr FAQ.

I never had an iOS so I can't test it but zerotier supports iOS. I think that even if it adds 20/30ms to the total ping, some people might find it useful. But yeah, android is as simple as plug and play so that might be a better option.


Alright I took some time to check the app out and I have some observations:

-The app seems fluid and fast enough to run with no issues but I don't want to spend an extra 3 dollars a month for phone access;

-You still need to access your local PC through another app to launch and close LS though I know that is a minor thing;

-Having touch controls for specific games is a good, cheap alternative to having to use mandatory MFi (Made for iOS) bluetooth controllers which are expensive. A PS4 controller will not work on stock iOS so you would have to jailbreak and use a tweak like Controller for All;

-For BT mice, jailbreak is a must have and even then I do not know if there is a tweak that will translate mouse movement and presses into touch signals (which then in turn should be reconverted into a mouse action via remotr and I don't know if remotr does that on iOS);

-On the other hand, if a control scheme doesn't exist for your game or isn't that good for you, you can create one yourself.

iOS is a very closed and controlled environment, even after 10 years, and while people always try to find ways to make their device do things and work with things they aren't supposed to, sometimes it just isn't possible. It finally seems a decent option is available, but it is still one that is somewhat bothersome simply due to iOS' closed environment.
With that said, if iOS users want to give this a try, go ahead but keep in mind of the app's cellular data consumption if you're not on WiFi which is reported by the devs to be the following: Low 450MB/hour, Balanced 2.6GB/hour and Best 4.4GB/hour.

A LiquidSky iOS app is definitely possible but it has to respect Apple's app submission rules and the issues I can see for now are:
-The need for in-app purchases, meaning you'd need to be able to (re)sub via the app (meaning partial loss of gains as Apple takes 30%);
-The need to respect the MFi controller code;
-Correct use of the code for the type of app;
It looks like it could be launched right now but most of the refusals happen over tiny details we cannot see.

In the end though, I think the staff should try to emulate the way Remotr works and build upon it specifically for LS and the SkyPC (duh!) as this is the closest I have seen any iOS app come to remote PC gaming on your iDevice.


Ok, even though people are saying apps like Remotr doens't work, i tried it out yesterday.

Tried out Remotr on LS & an iPhone 5s and is the speed running just as fast & the latency is just as low on a local machine. No notable differences.
Although the video quality of the feed isn't that great on the Remotr app, the response and latency is very low and for sure playable.

So yeah, playing LS on an IOS anywhere is VERY possible this way. (if you have a good Wifi connection)
But i don't like to use the controle scheme of Remotr, i preffer a game controller or keyboard/mouse.
So i only tried it out using my gamepad that was connected to my local PC and watching the video feed through Remotr.

Perhaps the LS-Team could cooperate together optimizing Remotr for LS and getting people to use LS through Remotr?

iPad App...Please

@robinvanderkuijl Nice workaround. Lol, this must be the first time ever iOS users have to fiddle with makeshift solutions, while Android users get support out of the box. :joy:
I do hope they'll change their minds in the near future, though. I know Apple don't want a 3rd party OS running on their machines, and LS would grant iPad users access to Windows 10. But seriously, this is ridiculous...


There are many apps in the Apple App Store to access a Windows desktop remotely at home or in the cloud.

OnLive couldn't get their app in the store because they offered games on subscription or rent on their platform what Apple doesn't get any income from.

LiquidSky is more or less a high performance Remote Desktop in the cloud solution (don't shoot me, I'm just making an example) aimed for gamers than a subscription to a games library since you have to own the games.

OnLive had a Cloud Desktop in the Apple App Store in 2012.
So it should possible to get LS in the App Store with an app like Remotr.

Hell, just ask users to pay a one time 4,99 like the Plex app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store so Apple gets some kind of a cut and your good to go.


It is certainly possible to get LiquidSky on iOS. The only caveat being that they would either have to make it so you could not subscribe in any way through the app, or let Apple take 30% of their subscription sales.

One way they could do this is similar to the YouTube app on iOS. YouTube Red is typically $10 a month, but if you subscribe via iOS, the price is upped $13 a month. LiquidSky could do something similar. And if you want it without the extra $3 a month, sign up online first.

OnLive wanted to be able to sell subscriptions in-app but not use Apple’s iTunes service to do so. Since Apple wasn’t getting a cut, they wouldn’t allow it. It is a rule they have had since the beginning of the iOS store and In-App purchases and OnLive was too stubborn to work around it.

As for controller support, LiquidSky or Remotr could add support for PS4 or Xbox One (Bluetooth) controllers in their iOS apps if they wanted to write some drivers for them.


That's why i'm suggest to use the Plex method.
Plex on iOS costs 4,99 and subscriptions on the premium features are done outside the App Store.


Ah yes. That might be a good way to go about it as well :wink:


We asked Ian and he said that the LS app was rejected by Apple. They're not too keen on such apps as it moves the money away from their store and the company isn't big enough to put pressure on Apple for now. So basically, an iOS app is still far away from coming to us.


I understand that LS isnt as big as Netflix to put pressure on Apple.

Netflix gives you the opportunity to pay for a subscription outside the iTunes Store.
What to my opinion is more of a threat to iTunes than LS is with their service that only facilitates a platform to work on, but not facilites any of the games nor specific software that interfere with the App Store.

Heck... even the App Store has a Steam App to buy games what Apple doesn't get any cut.

So... in what way does LS really threaten Apple? (Instead of Netflix, Steam, etc.)

Sure people will need less higher specs on hardware that could threaten iMacs and MacBooks a little.
But that will also happen anyway without an iOS app if people use their older OSX devices or old pc's.

If an iOS made it to the App Store it could even help to drive more sales on devices such as the iPad. (Seeing that sales on iPads are shrinking)

Apple is a difficult company.
Let's hope LS will become a very successful and popular service, than hopefully Apple will grand access to their eco system one day.

For now, I'll use my local system at home and Remotr on the road. (Or maybe I'll dust off one of my android devices for the time being)