Remap keys from OSX->LS


Cmd key on OSX sends a Windows key keystroke to the Skycomputer. This means whenever I want to alt-tab away from the LS client, it pulls up the start menu. Would like to be able to remap option to alt, etc.


Option key is ALT on Windows.


Yes but it's not transmitted via the LS client.


I'm just curious, are you using the native OSX client or are you using the Windows Client through Wine? I tried it out on the native OSX client and you are correct. It isn't possible to ALT-TAB on that client.

The work-around I use is to use the command key to go into the windows menu and desktop from there. Its a bit of a pain, but at least it allows you to switch into desktop from full screen games.

The other solution I use for trying out a new build or learning how to do something from a guide is to open the site in Safari and switch between the fullscreenLiquidSky client and the OSX desktop.


I found a non-simple but works method here: hope it helps!