Remove SkyCredits for sake


Sorry but im deleting subscription. I spent 12 $ for month and now I even cannot play free and I need to spent more money for adding some stupid points ? Sry guy but this is scum for me. I’ve already spent 12$ which is almost 1/3 cost of my graphic card which play league of legends at 120 fps with no lags and here I even cannot farm good cus lagging. I have good and fast internet but this price is crazy.
With only 12 $ monthly is a lot and with more payment like some credits ?..
Im sure LiquidSky will fall and this credits will be one of the biggest couse.
Good bye.



this is your opinion and I respect it.
what package worth 12$? I’m seeing the 15$ , 25$ , 30$ ?
anyway, 12$ for a month getting 50 hours with the pro computer and up to 100 hours with the “weaker” computer is not that much.
if 12$ is a 1/3 price of your GPU, it means your GPU is not good at all, and for league of legends maybe Liquid Sky isn’t for you.
the reason i’m using Liquid Sky is because i’m playin AAA games, which if I want to buy a computer that can run thos game, I’ll need to say goodbye with much money.
as for the lagging, it’s really dependence on your location and how far the Data Center from you.
I’m for example, not experiencing lagging at all, runing game on high - ultra with 60-66 fps.


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