Resident evil 7


I am having issues with the mouse not working when playing resident evil 7. The cursor moves but the buttons dont respond. Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


I was hoping to play Resi 7 on LS this weekend, so I would also want to know if there are any issues/workarounds.

Do you still have problems with a wired controller (if you have one)? as I would probably be playing it with a wired Xbox one.


I've been playing it on LS with a wired xbox 360 controller with no issues so far on a nexus player (androidtv). I might boot up my pc and see if I have mouse issues...


Yeah mouse is non-responsive. I tried fiddling with the settings and no luck there either. Try a controller if you have one.


Thanks for the replies guys! good to know the 360 wired controller works. I am currently away from home so i will try the ps4 controller. I will let you know how i get on.


Hi, @arranfairweather, did your PS4 controller works? I cant seem to connect it to liquidsky.


Hello wongjunjin sorry for the late response. I did manage to get it to work, i had to install a ps4 controle driver. You can download it from "". If you have any issues downloading it i can send you the file over. Thanks Arran.


Hi @arranfairweather,

Sorry that i got back to you late. I've downloaded but
somehow cant get it to work. It's like i dont have the driver. As you
mentioned, is it possible for you to send over the driver? Thanks