Resolution error


When I change the screen resolution either on the desktop or in a game I get the internet connection error message the screen freezes but audio continues to play in the background. I recently deleted my sky computer and reinstalled my games on the default preset resolution. When I go to the home screen and come back to the sky computer it shows a black screen and audio continues to play so at this point I’ve tried every fix I can think of off the top of my head… is there possibly a fix for that or is that something that needs a more permanent fix?


i try think if was way fix the problem with the freeze screen when i go back to desktop


I’ve tried it it didn’t work… comes up “internet connection error” upon changing the resolution and the screen disconnects only from the sky computer audio still plays from it so only the screen is disconnected and cannot be reconnected unless you restart the sky computer entirely to reset it to it’s default resolution. Games with a different resolution setting other that default completely disconnect the monitor and I get “internet connection error” message and audio continues to play


Use the Nvidia control panel to change your screen resolution


Actually I haven’t tried that yet I’ll try that now and see what happens


Nope still does it even through the nvidia controle panel it runs into the same problem “internet connection error” the display stops completely but audio and data still come through the only way to fix it is to restart the sky computer and leave the resolution as it is when it starts up… it does it with games too that have a different resolution than the default


i get the no internet and now im also getting your sky pc failed to connect almost ever log in only fix shut down relaunch it and the latency has got so bad its unusable did not have this issue earlier


Try changing the resolution via Powershell and CMD…
A couple of people were able to get it working with the Nvidia control panel