Resolution on Android client [Solved]


Is there a reason why when using steam in the windows client the target resolution can be set at 1080p, but when doing the same on the Android client the target resolution in steam and also the skycomputer resolution is limited to 720p?

Will 1080p streaming ever be possible on the Android client? I like the extra sharpness that I get on Windows vs the android client but I tend to use my Xperia phone as it connects easily with the dualshock 4.

Thanks in advance



1080p is possible through the android cloent.
Are you sure that your phone has a 1080p screen?


Yes, I use a Sony Xperia Z5, it’s definitely a 1080p display :slight_smile: I’ll have a look, maybe I missed something


Hi Aiden,

Please make sure that on the SkyComputer settings on the Android that you have it set to Full Screen and Screen Resolution is set to Full HD.

Witcher 3 minimizes

Thanks for your help, I have managed to sort it with your instructions, I was using the presets so didn’t see those options

Thank you both for your help and quick responses



Also everytime there is a new Android LS client update, it will be reset back to 720P. So keep that in mind…


OK, thanks I sure will :slight_smile: