(Resolved) Liquidsky.tv fraudulent company!


i buy liquidsky.tv Subscribed to Monthly but he give me 79 SkyCredits Remaining
its bulshit


Maybe you have 79 SkyCredits and 60 minutes?


i buy for one month not 60 min


It clearly states on the website that the Gamer Plan gives you 80 SkyCredits and is not unlimited. If you purchased the Unlimited Plan, email support and they will be happy to fix the issue.


i buy just to own my server on BF3 not for play


LiquidSky isn’t really designed to be a server. It’s built more for gaming or work and the tiers you can purchase reflect that. You might want to check out Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure if you want a server for BF3.


man im from iraq !
after 1 h i pay 15$
i dont have more mony
i buy just for own my server


Maybe you can ask for a refund and spend your money on a service meant for server and hosting work.


You can't host your own server with LS, thats a ban reason. You should buy a VPS or something like that :slight_smile:
This was a waste of money for you


i test liquidsky.tv after 2 month he good but dint know its SkyCredits


That is unfortunately your mistake. It is well explained how LS works.


The plan says 1 month 80 credits 1 credit per hour is not fraudulent you dont know read


If you pay 15$ monthly, you get 80 credits per month. If you pay 40$ then you get all month long.
Then I would like to ask how much did you pay?


He figured out it was a mistake and will contact support on Monday to see if anything can be done about it.


Hey Husen24,
LiquidSky provides gaming platform in a full featured windows desktop which means you can use LiquidSky desktop to install/use any program or game you own. This platform won't allow hosting service. You can't use this for hosting any service regardless the plan you pick. If you looking for hosting any service, you need to look elsewhere. Hope this explains everything.



Hey Husen24,

If you need any further clarification on LiquidSky or the services we provide, please reach out to us by direct message, or message our support team on LiquidSky.tv for further assistance.



LiquidSky support its bullshit they dont knw anyting
i send 20 msj and stell didnt work
support its fuck
go the hell fucker


Easy to say a small team is crap when they are flooded with messages every day. Plus it's not their fault if you have trouble expressing yourself in english.