Review 7 August 2018


Hi all,

Anyone noticed that a Dutch website reviewed the current situation in cloud gaming?

Basically the outcome was that LS lack in performance compared to its main competitors. I’ve never tried anything else but for those who have, how do you feel about it?


Disclaimer: This is not a discussion of comparison per se of LS to others- but a discussion clarifying some points made by said article and potentially feedback that can be passed on to Staff

I am leaving this thread open for the time being for this purpose only- if it derails I will have to close this thread.

Had to remove your link as it mentions competitors- this is general discussion platform policy as it doesn’t quite contribute well in some cases to discussion about this as a whole (I’ve seen whole threads derailed because it doesn’t help staff in trying to fix the problem: think of it this way- “Why does X have ___ and LS does not?” This sort of thing doesn’t quite help staff in terms of improving the service. Now, if you were to say “____ doesn’t work as intended- let’s try to figure it out” it would be better to improve the service overall) (we also have issues at times with certain users who think they can be up and coming advertisers to competitors: a warning to all- DON’T. You will be banned, no questions asked). I am keeping this thread up to answer some concerns that I see from the translation of the mentioned but now removed article section on LS (as explained above).

As a user before becoming a moderator from what I do recall from my experience LS can be lacking comparatively at times (I’ve only used one other service however, this was when not as many companies came out with competing services- the scene has grown from there) - Yes, drivers and hardware are not top of the line, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to game. All I will say is this- staff are not idle and twiddling their thumbs over at the office. They have worked and are trying to work on solutions to these problems- but the tricky thing is that they are a smaller company with not as many people (they have been hiring recently) and given the tricky nature of software (staff were working on a driver update but it had to be send back to the hardware vendor [Nvidia] due to it being unstable [driver would run into authentication issues and would crash- leaving you a black screen- not really worthwhile to push something that can definitely break]) it can be hard. When it comes to hardware it’s especially difficult to say as things don’t always go as planned- as was the case with the planned Tesla P100 upgrade a while back. Nobody didn’t want this upgrade- but it just didn’t pan out as planned. Performance was worse in some cases compared to the M60, and best case scenario was 4K streaming (which staff weren’t really working on at the time) or if you were alone on the server (not a realistic use case at all for this service). In some ways you can attribute this fixation on the M60 to staff, but it’s not done out of malicious intent. Rather, if they still work on the M60 (at least until the end of the year, where hardware upgrades are planned) and perfect performance of it, any future upgrade can be maximized.

Though it might not seem like much is happening right now- there is a good amount going on for staff, especially on the Enterprise branch of this service. It will all happen in due time…


I’d take a peek at the last couple of AMA’s that our CEO did on Twitch. @N00B731O hit the nail on the head with his reply. The tl;dr version is that we’re trying to perfect our technology with the current hardware so that when we do upgrade, we know the software is at its best. Upgrading without making the software as good as it can be is just a band-aid rather than a true fix. Combine that with the enterprise clients we are working with - we need everything to be as good as possible. That being said, we are testing new hardware for enterprise which would in turn, roll out for the gaming client. More news to come in the next couple of months.


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