RiftCat and LS - Encoding



I've dipped my toes into LiquidSky a number of times, and have been quite impressed by how far it has come.

I (fullly!) recognize that VR streaming from LS is not a strong option given the lag. My current hope is to get a demo of BigScreen working from within LS, primarily for development purposes, but also for a bit of gaming of very simple 2D games.

I am very close to making this work - Riftcat + Hamachi lets me connect to my Samsung phone (I intend to fool with Gear VR), but I cannot for the life of me get any of the three encoding options in Riftcat working. In the mirrored screen within steamVR I can even see the head detection from my local cellphone working with nearly no lag, which is pretty incredible :).

The encoding options I'm fooling with in the program are:
Media Foundation simply says the hardware doesn't support it.
Quick Sync says the same.

The potential it seems is in the NVENC encoding option. This doesn't give an error on selection, and NEARLY seems to work, but ultimately ends up crashing during the steamVR initialization.

I'm so close, yet so far! Anyone else making any progress on these issues? I'm not sure if this is truly a new feature suggestion, or simply something I don't know how to do.

Thanks all.