RMAs, DOAs, and 15 day warranties brought me here


I don't know if I've had bad luck the past couple of years or if these are common occurrences now.

About a year and a half ago I started a PC build project mainly because I saw from Youtube and Twitch how incredibly fast games had been advancing.

I also saw alot of videos on Youtube talk about building a medium performance gaming pc on a $600 budget (lol). Long story short, I purchased parts from multiple venders with different warranties and refund policies.

So to be clear, I didn't buy the exact parts of any youtube videos but the specs were equal or better.
I ended up having many issues with compatibility and had to return multiple items. Later I found out the motherboard only supported out dated video cards but by that time it was too late to return it.

I could go on and on with details but I won't. I finally got the pc to run decent and decided to bring my fustrations to a halt.

Liquid Sky has helped turn my pc and phone into gaming powerhouses.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone else here has had similar experiences.


Not similar, but I just wanted to play AAA games on my old PC and LS is the first cloud gaming company to deploy a data center in my country. It allowed me to play GTA V, Assassins Creed and other games I wouldn't play soon enough.
Excited to see the future of cloud gaming, how 2017 will be.


Yes, this is another reason for choosing liquid sky as well as the ability to play on my phone anywhere and not have to fire up the PC to do it.


The idea of packing an ultrabook/tablet and be able to play my PC games wherever with great battery life makes liquidsky really stand out for me


I agree, and I am also interested in finding out how good it runs on 4G LTE. I have it but it's not unlimited and if I go over my 200mb limit, it costs a fortune.


Yeah, I wouldn't dare test it with that limit. You'll eat it up pretty quick!


Yeah man, it's like $1 per megabyte. Lol


Jeez, that's like daylight robbery! I've heard data plans are pretty expensive in the US...In the UK I'm only paying £15 a month and I get unlimited 4G internet with 4GB to tether :wink: and the usual calls/texts


As far as PCs go, In the future I will be purchasing a complete system that includes a 2 - 3 year warranty. I went over budget on my build and I rather pay one payment and get everything from one place all at once. Quality control with smartphones seems to be superior to PCs right now.