Rollover and Expiry of credits and data


I dont have any subscription plans active.

Is there any official information for how long will our credits rollover and expire?

For how long will our machine data be saved if we dont login without paying subscription plan?
I do have 71 credits left.


I asked it here - no answer yet.


so they plan to deduct every credit allotment made 90 days ago, so generally we will be losing each day few credits we made 90 days ago on each next day, thats science fiction, they just make stuff up as they go, that implementation is not going to work


That is true in any case for the free users. Although I imagine it will not be deducted each day but at the end of the month.

I am unclear about the users on a paid plan who also watch ads.

We can't know for sure, that is why I asked for clarification.


What? I do not understand