Rust causing SkyComputer to crash completely [RESOLVED]



I keep having an issue with Rust. Every time I try to start the game I crashed the client and the computer completely, and won’t let me connect for 5 or more minutes. I says it’s on and continues to burn credits while I’m unable to shut it off or connect. I think it has something to do with Easy Anticheat but I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled EAC and Rust, and it continues to happen.
Any help would be appreciated. This is one of the few games I play and enjoy playing it. I’d love to get back into it asap.


Contact the devs and see if they allow VM’s which I suspect is the reason why EAC is kicking people off
(Same situation as Minecraft and Warframe)
I don’t think much can be done at this point


It’s not rust, it’s the computer itself. Like, my skycomputer crashes completely.


Maybe try a fresh skcyomputer? That’s of course if you’re willing to- had BF3 crash on me as well once and that was resolved with a fresh skycomputer for some reason.


Fresh as in delete the skycomputer, or different data center? I tried deleting it multiple times, but nothing worked.


Fresh as in deleting it and starting over again- but this does seem odd. Unfortunately I don’t have the game to test sadly :confused:


If its specific to that game only, sadly I don’t think nothing much can be done (if you already made a fresh VM many times)
Send the game devs an email about it and see what they say


Devs are aware of this issue and are looking into it. As of now, it seems to be related to the anti-cheat software and is not specific to LiquidSky.

Skypc crash when playing games

I figured as much, and I appreciate all the help.


I still get this crash after loading fortnite with eac !! …
any fixxes ?


Rust is causing the entire server to crash, not just that user’s VM.
Rust doesn’t run anymore, sorry… (or until there is a fix for it, which isn’t a priority right now)


The Rust issue has been resolved. Please restart your SkyComputer and it should be working now. Thanks!


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