Rust mouse bug report


Anyone have or know about how to fix mouse in rust?


Hi there, did you try turning on/off the gaming mouse feature ? There´s also a possibility that it´s a bug of the game itself...


yes i try its, when you open the game in liquidsky you cant do nothing and the skypc mouse don't work too


Try reaching out to Rust community and learn if it is a bug of the game first then, if not then you´re gonna have to wait until someone from liquidsky has some time to look into this


No this is a well known issue and has been highlighted before on the forums. Due to anti cheat on Rust -

They did say they may contact facepunch to try to get a fix but that was a few months ago.


You can't play Rust and Dead by daylight as far as i know, due to anti cheat yeap


Same problem to me.
any solution?


Hey guys, problems are solved somehow for me.
After few updates is working well!

I run in debugger mode btw.
I don't know if it helps.



Yes Rust is now working


The problem with the game Rust. When I mouse control, image frames is. any solution?