Samsung Dex Dock Ethernet Connection Issues


I would like to use the ethernet, as when I do it on my old laptop, the ethernet works flawlessly even though it’s an older computer. The old computer doesn’t have bluetooth though, so I can’t use my headphones.

When I run via 5ghz wifi on my phone (it’s the only device in the house on 5ghz) I can get roughly 400-600 mb/s, as I have the comcast gig internet. I would normally just stay with the wifi speeds, as for the most part the game runs really smooth.

The problem with using wifi is that every couple minutes, the game lags extremely bad (around 15 seconds or so) and when it finally catches up, I’m either dead or walked off a cliff lol. This happens no matter what game I’m playing and whether I’m using steam, origin or blizzard. I’ve tried every connection setting in the options for liquidsky and the problem never changes.

It will run absolutely beautiful and then the lag hits, ruining the whole experience.

If I could find a way to get the damn ethernet port on the Dex Dock to stop disconnecting I’d be solid.

Anyway, any other advice you can offer would be appreciated.