Samsung dex with note8


Dear Users,

I have recently bought a SAMSUNG DEX and I am trying to get it in full screen from Desktop Mode.
However this doesn’t seem to work I have also used the DEX MAX App but this makes the Liquidsky App Crash.

Can someone help me into making it FULL Screen or can the APp be optimised so it works with DEX>

I have tried Screen Mirroring on my HDTV but it looks very poor and would only think the Desktop Version would be best. Please post some videos of it working in FULL SCREEN DESKTOP mode if possible or some help.


I haven’t just opened it with Dex max but going into expert mode to make a new app works, but it is fullscreen only and doesn’t resize properly


I have tried this EXPERT MODE but it keeps crashing the App and doesnt start properly.


Not sure what is stopping it on your device, I use an S8+ but if you do get it working this is what the app does when you window it


SO to confirm it does go Full Screen can you advise how you done this was it using DEX MAX
and what version of liquidsky you have installed with step by step instructions please.

Shall I delete and re-install liquidsky?


I have the playstore app installed, it is up to date and then open Dex Max and use expert mode to turn it into a windowable app.

You will get a warning when opening the app that an update is available just click okay it’ll open the playstore just close that and fullscreen the LS app. Done.


Hi can you please tell me how to use the DEX MAX Expert Mode and how it works as I dont know how to do this Please do this step by step with screenshots would be great also in liquidsky what settings are you using for the Stream?

Would you be able to post a video of it