Save the internet!


I hope it’s not illegal to post this… If it is, forgive me and don’t ban me… Just… I’m asking to everyone to vote!

Please, we need every single vote of yours! Let’s save internet!


Voted and hope they will not approve the new set of rules.


In case it doesn’t, you can always use a VPN. This doesn’t really change things much, people are still going to find loopholes.


I really hope you’re right…


This is actually a very serious issue. Especially the use of automated upload filters, in combination with the obligation to pay for linking/uploading copyrighed content. What happens when I try to post some fun clip on facebook, or link to a newspaper article on Twitter?

I mean, what they’re planning might just serve to prevent piracy. But it could just as well be abused to suppress freedom of speech, for example.


Exactly… This is what makes me afraid…


Now now, don’t you understand? We need these shackles to protect us and our future generations. I’m sure everyone will get used to it, just like how we got used to pollution and cars


The vote has decided that the Article 13 HAS BEEN REJECTED. Just in case nobody has seen it.
We people won. Thank you to everyone that has voted.


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