Screen bug when your on steam skycomputer


Hey when i load my steam sky computer the music starts to stutter and parts of the screen goes gray and pixelated and keeps flickering constantly making it unplayable my bluetooth is of and its been like it for 2 monthes now i thought it was somthing wrong with my old phone ( samsung s8 edge) but its doing it on my knew phone as well (samsung s9 edge) does any one know how to fix it?


It happens to me after closing COD BO2. Just exit your SkyPC ( dont turn it off ) and enter back in. That should fix it.


What’s your internet speed? Bc it sounds like a network issue. Since the last update, the stream is using double bandwidth, whereas before, it was using about half of the actual setting. So you’re using more or less 4x as much bandwidth at identical settings.

You can…

  1. reduce bandwidth in client settings, 8 Mb/s should be enough
  2. make sure you’re on 5 GHz wifi
  3. make sure you’re as close to the router as possible


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