Screen Freezing and Muddy Screen


As you can see in the image I have no connection problem, My system requirements are enough in minumum level so why do I have this problem?


It's probably their end and what data center your using


Your system score is low and your local latency is very high. I have a computer at 44/100 with a 24ms local latency and I find that unplayable with constant freezing and tearing.

Others might be able to help though. Set the quality slider down to 1 square and change to 720p at 30fps and see if that helps.


In System Performance what is your CPU usage when using LiquidSky?


I've got the same kind of issues, and my local is under 20 and network under 50 during each freeze event. Running in Crossover Games so I can run the Windows client on my Mac (Mac client is still having the 30-minute timeout issues).

Funny thing is the local drops to zero during the freeze, then pops back up to normal right after.

I'm streaming video on another device with no hiccups in the stream, so I don't think it's the network itself. And even with LS and the video I've still got about 20Mbps down and 2 up - so I'm not bandwidth starved. Latency overall seems ok, 15-20ms ping to

CPU and RAM are hovering around 15% utilized

It's annoying, especially the muddy graphics, but not sure what could be causing it.