Segregate users by tiers (Free, Paid-by-credit, Unlimited)


With the current setup I see two issues:

  • Unlimited users: They pay more, but there are plenty who abuse this. They use the machine very excessively, causing resource starvation for the other people. As far as I am aware the next "setup" will remove the Unlimited Plan. We will see. Point is, if there is no system to distribute resources fairly, they could get moved to a separate area.

  • Free users: Anyone can abuse this system. If we share IPs, I am sure botters/cheaters/hackers will use the service and will make companies block LS IPs everywhere.

Why pay-by-credit users are no problem: They shut down the machine once they are done to save credit, otherwise they just keep paying. It's a win-win situation.


Its Sunday today, as every Sunday, servers are overloaded, Battlefield 1 started to freeze, crash after noon every 20 minutes, and all we need is more free users so everything shutdown completely


Oh no I didn't mean today. Just in general.
Like if they send spam, use bots/hacks, the IPs will start to get blacklisted.

Games run pretty bad for me, so I am waiting for the launch in Feb.
(Currently the vGPU has less power than a desktop GTX760)


I do think LS will find the balance.