Selection flickering is still an issue


When using a controller on the Android client, there’s still a glitch that happens with the controller called selection flickering. It’s when it changes from controller to Mouse really quickly, making it impossible to select an option

For now, the only game that I know has this issue is fortnite, I haven’t tested it on other games yet. I’d appreciate it if you guys could test it on other games if you can


Can you check other games that have native controller support? I don’t play Fortnite so idk if this is just localized to that game.


I’ll test rocket League later and see



This glitch is native to wired controllers, get a wireless one and you should be fine


What controller was it? And did you test out custom controller preset on the wired controller?


It was on a Xbox 360 controller and PS3 controller, and both controllers were on the custom preset and nothing changed


I recently got a wireless controller and this fixed the problem


Are they the official ones? Glad its working right now


Both the official and third party ones