Self-Help avoiding timeout allowed?


Since no one from LS answer my question:

I have a other question:
I try to find a workaround to can play normally with my Android TV device, so i have found
The problem is that i get a timeout from LS after 30 min (Unlimited Plan)
It's ok when i use my Arduino to simulate a controller input every 25min to avoid the timeout?


You are not allowed to cheat the timeout feature on Unlimited Plan. They did that to avoid usage abuse. You can only disable timeout on Gamer and Pay-as-you-go plans.


dstatus is right; LS put that restriction there for a reason. The reason is they don't want their servers getting full of unlimited players idling. If a Pay-as-you-go or gamer plan person idles; they lose their credits and they have no way to idle as they will run out of credits. It is against the rules to tamper with the idling system on unlimited plans. 30 Minutes is sufficient time to use the bathroom or eat or anything really so the idle time is good as there are a lot of new people coming in for their first try at LS every minute and they cannot afford idling users.