[Serious] Can I at least start my cloud computer using Windows XP


I’m moving a Linux installation and since there isn’t any client for Linux I’m going to use a Windows emulator to launch Liquidsky and stream using another program.


No you can’t. Almost no one is using XP namely because support has ended (from Microsoft years ago) and its a huge security risk.
I’m 99% certain if you try to run it, you will just get a runtime error


The oldest platform it should run on is Windows 8, but we recommend Windows 10.

It might run on older operating systems, but we don’t support anything older.


Exactly. I tried it a couple months ago on an ancient WinXP netbook, and the client crashed on startup. Anyway, even though WinXP was a great OS, it’s a huge security risk nowadays.


I’m not quite sure how Win xp enters into this? You can indeed start your sky computer using the liquidsky client in wine on Linux. In case it simplifies things for you, I made a snap package that runs it (look for my post in the user solutions forun). However, you cannot really stream this way (the tearing and noise was terrible last time I tried, it’s “serviceable” for simple config work if you set the lowest possible bandwidth). But with this you can do what I think you mean you want to do-- config your sky computer to use a different streaming solution with Linux support and then just use the Liquidsky client to start the sky computer.


Well, I just tried LS client on Windows 7: ultimate once. It ran with enough power but wasn’t trusted to be playable. So yeah, It requires latest Windows.


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