Servers Full, Computer Not Shutting Down, Lockouts


So as of the past couple weeks (Since the last update) my SkyComputer has been having a lot of issues. Constantly telling me of full dataservers while I'm online, which makes the menu unavailable (Quality, recording, etc), as well as refusing to shut down. I've been constantly flagged for hacking/avoiding timeout/cheating/spamming etc and told my account will be banned if it continued. Today I got the same warning every time I log in now. Cheat/Avoiding/Etc. It won't let me access the computer, and every time it says it's shutting down, it immediately tells me the servers are full which interupts the shutdown and it stays on longer. I haven't been able to turn my computer off in weeks, and if I didn't have the unlimited plan I'd be incredibly upset about losing so much money. As it is, what's this about being banned?


You are probably on a bad server. The only way to fix this is to delete it and start a new one. They think you are cheating because your computer is staying on all the time taking up resources when not in use. Your bug has tricked the auto timeout. You will be banned if you do not fix this. Unfortunately support is useless.