Share your SkyPc GamePlay Vides Here


So I'm sure a lot of guys here are making gameplay videos so why not share them here for everyone to see just make sure you put your Skypc info down and fps

like this
Gamer Full HD Ultra: fps
Pro Full HD Ultra: fps
Elite Full HD Ultra: fps
And the Game you are playing
Let's Get Some Benchmarks
can't wait to see what everyone is playing

And Let's hope are Skypc Don't


hell yeah, thank you :yum:
gamer plan ( i said that gamer was caped at 30fps, my mistake, it's not, sorry)
game: Rocket League
video settings: maxed


Couple videos with gamer plan, my internet is bad so don´t mind little lag


nice video man i need to play this game i may get around to it this week game looks super fun


that's good for bad internet bro


its like an arcade machine, 5 min matches, that means i spend 6~7 credits per match on gamer plan that including the 1 min break between matches. :joy:
its a good game if you have less that 40 ping to the datacenter, i double jump forward to get speed, but in the video you can see that my jumps are a little off.


nice i get 19 ping from DC


War thunder full graphics with the gamer plan. With a pretty bad connection lol.


Far Cry Primal + HD Textures | Ultra Preset on ELITE Tier:

Not like a 1080ti i would say :smiley:


Same Benchmark on the Gamer Tier

Ultra has ~17 more Avg FPS

I think the Video is laggy because the SkyPC could not handle the Recording while Banchmarking


i din't see that the op asked for benchmarks too, i deleted my previous statement... :sweat_smile:


Really, I didn't know it's capped at 30, lol.


gamer is 1080p 30fps
pro is 1080p 60 fps
elite is 1080p 60+ fps
its says on the power plans


you don't have to bro just for guys who feel like doing it ya know


that's not the case, i started telling that we wanted gameplay and not benchmarks, but then i saw that you edited your post to ask for benchmarks, so i deleted my post. :grin:


Use your windows record tool, win+alt+r. It use your computer to record, not liquidsky.


but i wanted to use the skycomputer to record because of the quality loss from the gameplay stream


oh ok i see lol my bad then bro


my windows must be defective, i don't have a record tool on mine, at least the shortcut does nothing...


Thanks for the info.
So basically "Gamer" is for game downloads / web browsing, Pro is for gaming. :smiley: