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win 10 have it. it is part of xbox app what it install.


@anon they said the the skycomputer does more than just games, so yeah, anything that does not need 60fps can be done on gamer, (they need to fire the guy that choose the names) :joy:

@NeoFlix ohh xbox app.... that explains it, i don't use it. no problem i just make videos for fun or to show friends, i can keep using my recorder software. :grin:


Agreed, they can be used for anything - true. I would use a VPS though, much cheaper for work than LS itself. No hate or anything, LS is strong - but maybe too strong and pricey.

The names too, are weird. But heck, how about the LS1.0 ones?

Unlimited AKA. Get booted in 30 minutes no matter what you do



Rust benchmark with gamer plan


Bad video from wow, my 4g don´t work too good in afternoon but you can see fps anyway. Gamer plan.
Settings are in start of the video.


EA Star wars Battlefront : Pro Plan Game Play


EA Need For Speed Most Wanted Gameplay : Pro Plan


nice video man looking good


Gamer is not capped at 30 FPS. This has been clarified before. When they mention 30 FPS on the gamer plan, they simply mean on average it runs most games at 30 FPS. There is no 30 FPS CAP.


Again, this is incorrect. There is NO FPS CAP.


Ok, I actually thought that was because my first game was a bit low on fps, but I can't actually check or change the video settings due to a bug.
I may have also have mistaken with some settings I saw on recording software. Sorry.


This topic is for videos, not telling problems. Anyway, there is allready thread what liquidsky use for fixing problem and they know that 401 problem allready. So sit tight and wait till they fix it :slight_smile:

For fps thing, I use gamer plan on my videos and you can see that all my videos are over 30fps, most are over 60fps :slight_smile:


Hey Syoxiss,
Go to the controller icon at the Liquid Sky slide at the top and turn off the mouse gaming mode. It'll fix any problems in game with the mouse, including Rocket League.


Anyone know how to get rid of massive screen tearing? My internet connection is 6mb/s, I should be able to play at 720p 30 fps, but I still get screen tearing.


Nope my problem is this one, an invisible menu blocking the screen, I have to go see if fixed. For me blocks the video and audio tab on the options in rocket league.


What datacenter? Maybe your connection to datacenter is not that 6mb/s. I have 50mb/s connection but to datacenter it show 5-10mb/s depending time (I have 4g)


No worries I wasn't trying to be a smartass to you or anything just wanted to make sure everyone was aware that there is no cap its just kind of a standard FPS they assuem most games will run at. Again, no worries at all


No, glad you did, that way I know too.


Try a thing that i do, go to skycomputer options and change the decoder, I use software because if I don't change it the image freaks out a bit, but only sometimes.


California Datacenter