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Batman: Arkham Knight Maxed out benchmark with pro plan. My 4G don´t like me so there is some lag but you can see fps anyway.


Couple videos more with pro plan. Those games don´t run in gamer plan with good graphics.


Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark tool (sorry for the terrible video resolution and quality. I recorded it with Fraps). Everything set to Maximum and 1920x1080 resolution.
Gaming tier:

Pro tier:


Little test with Final Fantasy XIII-2. Pro plan.


that video was strange, 30 fps, resolution way to big for video, something not right there...
but.. but.. very good "graphics" at 2:40. :smiling_imp:
never the lee it looks playable.


Yeah, I didn´t find vsync options so it´s locked 30 fps :confused:


Firewatch on
Gamer Plan 55-60fps on Ultra settings.


Batman: Arkham Asylum with pro plan


Bad titanfall 2 video with pro plan but you can see fps and settings what I used.


How? :confused: Like, Im using Pro plan, trying to play Wildlands and im getting compression and little stuttering in stream im recieving from SkyComputer. Your videos looks just fine.


That's your internets fault it has nothing to do with the skycomputer nor client


Gamer Plan
Battlefield 4 ultra settings 1600x900
FPS - 60+


Is anyone noticing much difference between tiers? I benchmarked Metro Last Light and will have a video on YouTube in a couple days. The average FPS only varied about 5 FPS between the different performance tiers. The video is currently on Patreon but will be on YouTube Saturday afternoon. 


Your internet is bad
Be very confused.
Mine is more shit and I can not see anything
Yours is very good internet. Do not lie to me


Better video this time, now I know how to record 60fps videos lol
Titanfall 2 with pro plan, settings are in start of the video.


yeay that looks way better.


Dishonored 2 with pro plan.


should of done Ultra instead of very high :frowning:


I will test ultra soon.


Huge difference in performance and graphical settings on Ghost Recon Wildlands when comparing Gamer to Pro plan