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Incorrect, LS has known stream compression and major articles issues. This is part of an issue that will need addressing in the future.


Really then why do i never experience anything huh?


Settle down hoss. You must be one of the lucky the forums man. Excessive articles and compression are a common issue being brought up. Don't take it personally, I'm just saying that it is not his internet most likely unless he doesn't meet the minimum specs of course. I have 200 down/12 up and had perfect quality in 1.0 and now I experience the same as previously stated. Just an issue a lot of people are experiencing on LS side. Hopefully it gets hashed out soon.


Do not lie with fake videos. This is not how the games run. You fucking liar. You show fake videos.


And here is dishonored 2 with ultra setting


Question: What program can I use to record on the PC with the client installed? The gamebar recorder won't work with my gpu and fraps also doesn't seem to work.


OBS Studio is what i use to record my gameplay


LOL my man is angry right here


Thanks man. It works but turns out my graphics card goes to hell when I try and record the gameplay.


Speedy as usual


How do you remove the SC logo or the F12 mouse logo from your SC?
I uploaded a video but could not get F12 mouse lock from top of the screen :frowning:


I use open broadcaster studio in skycomputer with capture game (any fullscreen application) settings.


Went on a 14 hour gaming stream spree with a LiquidSky box.
Eleix plays GTA V

Currently at the time of posting it was still being processed (no surprise) but yep. I checked the SkyComputer stats and I had sent Over 58 GB worth of data from having both streams (the one to me and to Youtube) going at the same time. It was impressive actually. It worked amazingly though.


Thought I'd chuck this here. Was trying to record the screen on my computer while playing but everything I tried just did not work so I decided to get my phone and just record it while my son was playing Lego Batman 2.

Crude but I think you can see the stream quality.


hey, does this happen to anyone?
In my SkyPC, skyrim and fallout 4 close themselves randomly, with no error messages or alerts, just close and send me to the desktop.


Yep, tried Skyrim yesterday, and it dropped me back to the desktop suddenly. But I was having the same issue on a real PC some years ago, so I'm not yet sure if it's a LS bug.
Can't test it atm, because I'm at work, but IIRC, there were some .ini tweaks (multithreading?), along with ENB, which fixed it for me back then.


Been playing Skyrim Special Edition and fallout 4, since I started no real issues, Skyrim is also heavily modified with HD graphics Visual and textures, running both games on full ultra settings on Pro Plan both games running @ 57-61 fps. Skyrim crashed only once to desktop.


Been playing a lot of Paladins on high settings across the board on the Gamer plan. Here's a couple recent games.


I have a problem when i launch the SkyComputer on gamer plan and start the game, load Multiplayer or Single Player it freezes while loading map. I waited 20 minutes and it was still frozen and all time i need then to close the game using task manager. I tested it on pro plan and it works perfectly so i dont know what is going on.