Shuttering,Freezing In-game



New user here. I am on the pro plan and when i play i have mini freezes/shutters. Is there a way to fix this?
I know it is a well known problem with liquidsky so im just wondering if there is a fix already for this.


Hmmm, have you enabled stream stats on the top left if you’re on the PC client? Might give us more information on what is going on with the stream. In addition can you let us know of the specifications of the device from which you use to connect to this service?


Ok i will try and get all those details for you guys.

Anyway to copy the stream stats quick? :slight_smile:


You can use something like Snipping Tool to catch it- or maybe taking a picture on your phone. Just as long as we can see full stats that’s all that matters. Specs could be useful too to get a better idea of what the problem is.


Ok, so here are the stats i took while in-game ( Destiny 2 )

Stream Stats :

System Info :

Network Info :

As you can see im connected trough ethernet and i still get the freezing/shutterning even when playing WOW which is not a game that require high end pc and graphics. Can you please help me out getting rid of the mini freezes/shutters?

Thank you


You got packet loss, you might have to swap another ethernet cable. You shouldn’t be getting any loss especially when using a cable.
That or try rebooting the modem


I have rebooted both pc and modem, changed the cable and still have some packet loss.

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe switch to a 5ghz modem or something?


Generally cable should not be getting any packet loss whatsoever. (otherwise its a bad sign) You can try 5 Ghz wifi it see if its any better (again you shouldn’t be having any issues with using a cable)
@Xelasarg probably knows more about this than I do, since he went through a similar experience


Hm, in my case it was massive screen tearing, stuttering was the least of my problems. It was caused by my ISP (Telefonica/o2), they had changed the routing, messing up my connection.

How bad is this stuttering you’re describing? Because a virtual pc will never run exactly as smoothly as a local machine. Though it gets close, and especially on Android, it is indeed perfectly smooth. It’s possible that during periods of high sever load (afternoon/evening), you’re connecting to a packed server node, which may also result in sub-par performance…

Can you try to connect during off-preak hours, like in the morning, or late at night? Only to rule out server load of course. In general, performance should be fine throughout the day.


On ethernet the loss is down at 1% maybe 2%

I tested it this morning while playing Destiny 2. All i can say its that it was playable, just a few small freezes.
This is really due to packet loss but as i said when connected trough ethernet its goes down a bit and the game is more playable.

Would be cool if i can get that loss down to 0%. Should i call my ISP?


Maybe. My ISP wasn’t helpful at all, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If you’ve got friends/family who’re using a different ISP, you might also test there. That’s what I did back then, to narrow down the cause of my screen tearing issues: tested three other ISPs, and even on 2.4 Ghz wifi, those were working fine.