Simple question about CDKeys


Hi there! I have only one, small simple question: is it allowed (and of course legit) to buy and use games bought by CDKeys on sites like KINGUIN, INSTANTGAMING, etc? I see there are there a lot of big discounts, but I’m afraid that it isn’t legit/isn’t allowed… Can anyone help me with that and confirm that I can buy and use games from these reseller without any trouble? Thank you very much for your answer! Happy gaming!


It wouldn’t be illegal if you do through your browse and on your steam mobile or pc

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I use Cdkeys myself from time to time. No issues whatsoever. (2 years)
Instantgaming I haven’t used (but I heard good things), and Kinguin + G2A I would advise you to stay away from.

If you are going to buy from those sites, make sure to pay it on your local PC and don’t do it on the skypc for obvious reasons. Same goes with redeeming those keys, do it on your local PC. Then installing/downloading you can do it on the skypc.


Of course! Thank you!

So I can do it without being banned? Is allowed, is it?


Question: why would it be illigal to buy keys from kenguin or g2a?

I can just speak for myself, but as long as u already activated the keys on your local pc and its already added to your library, there is no way for liquidsky to see where u got the key from. Neither does it matter because it’s none of their business. My steam account is quite old and over the years I bought several keys from kenguin or g2a. Worked fine for me. You should be careful on their marketplace but other than that I see no reasons why it’s illegal.

Most of their reduced prices come from sales or they buy it in other regions of the world and resell it, which is a problematic for the publisher (for instance ubisoft or ea) but it’s nothing you should be concerned about.

Hope I helped a bit.


Awesome! Really thank you!


If you buy software or games from G2A, it is absolutely no illegal at all. You can buy games / software for a good price there. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply!