SKy Credits Reward?


Hi Guys! I am new to LiquidSky but I know its usage completely now, though I am still unaware of earning sky credits by contests and giveaways. Is it possible for me to make some promoting videos for Liquid Sky and get rewarded with sky credits? cause people will surely like the program. I am a video editor and make endlessly self-explaining promoting videos so that every person can understand the program. So, is it possible for me to make promoting videos fir liquid sky to attract more people and get rewarded instead? Thanks :slight_smile:


Well, now, there are 2 ways to earn skycredits, or, how you said, you make videos, you can see the requirements here: Help Needed: Clips for Game Optimization Videos
Or you can enter staff challanges that happen from time to time, thursday there will be a csgo staff challange by example, but they alredy selected the teams, so you can’t enter anymore, but you can wait and enter on other staff challanges


Hmm, Can i get any forum topic where i can know more about staff challenges?



staff challanges are like normal games that you do vs the liquidsky team, if you win, you will get credits


Best subscribe to their social media channels, so you won’t miss the next one.


i would like to join but i need sky credits for that xD


Please don’t necro threads older than a week. If you have a new inquire please make a new thread. Staff challenges are being worked on, but keep in mind they happen once in a while, and not necessarily all the time.