Sky desktop unresponsive on Android tablet


Hi. I've used LS for a few months on PC, and am now trying it out on my Android tablet.

It's a rooted Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 running the latest version of CyanogenMod for my device (12.1, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop). I have downloaded the latest version of the LS app (3.47).

I have turned off all radios except Wi-Fi. This is a clean build of CM with little else installed bar the LS app and MS Office. There are no external devices attached to the tablet. In short - basic setup.

I can log in OK to the LS app, and can start the sky computer OK using the Windows option. However, when the Windows desktop comes up I am unable to interact with it at all using the tablet's touch screen.

Starting the sky computer via the Steam option has exactly the same outcome, in that it brings me to an unresponsive Windows desktop rather than the Steam Big Picture interface.

I can however use the LS interface icon and bring up the options (bottom-right of screen). I've tried toggling the mouse mode - this makes no difference.

I can also bring up the keyboard, but this also doesn't interact with the sky desktop (e.g. the Windows key doesn't bring up the Start page). I can't test with a game controller, either real or virtual, since there's nothing to control due to Steam not loading.

When I click the 'settings' cog I return to the LS home screen, but this too becomes unresponsive, leading to a generic Android 'this app is not responding' error.

The sky computer continues to work fine on my PC before/after trying to use it on the tablet.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance..