SkyBeam (Streamer) Update 3.0


Same problem, I was able to stream on 1080p 60fps without any problems until this update came. Please fix this developers.


Can you change the “Stats” position, it’s getting longer and longer and it’s annoying.
Or at least give us the option to hide some stats.


Yeah can’t boot my SC on San Jose


Tested the Android app update, looks like the streaming is more smooth.Gona test the Windows client.

Edit : Android App is Shit!!!


My dps drops under 30 very frequently (when playing Dark Souls 3)


It should be locked at 60 instead of “Depending on how much the screen is changing”


So, I just tested the new streamer again, and it’s much better than yesterday. FPS is great, but, then again, it’s 10 AM in Moscow, which makes it 7 AM in Frankfurt.

The sudden jumps I mentioned earlier are gone, and that’s truly awesome. I do still get some stuttering/pixelization, but I’ll take that over those frustrating jumps any time of the year.

The only downside: I noticed tons of “pressure” on my desktop CPU. Is it just my old Core 2 Duo 2.53 struggling with it, or was the strain on the processor actually increased (never had this problem with LS before)?


Frankfurt does not work either after the update


XD im getting on to see if its fixed


Tried it again right now, really loving what the new streamer is doing. However, the fun is ruined by the ever-increasing CPU load. It’s fine in the beginning, but starts to go nuts after 15-20 minutes. The only thing that helps is a restart of the SkyComputer. Anybody else with the same kind of problem?


The same happens to me (Frankfurt). Everything is perfect, according to stats: super low latencies and 60 DPS, bandwidth up to 21 Mbps, but a lot of stuttering and pixelation.


I see stuttering pixelation and general lower grade stream quality in 4.10.

Still no android TV support, have too sideload

Still have to use app Cloner to fix all the mouse related issues due to LS forcing virtual android mouse cursor into windows desktop unnecessarily.

The only thing I see bringing any improvement is the client ui is better scaled for 4k TVs and can now choose to start skycomputer desktop without scrolling.

I still need to connect a physical mouse to be able to use LS on SATV and Shield Tablet.

Absolutely no mice related issue fixes, no controller issues fixed.

Worse stream than




I can not buy any more skycredits or recommend liquidsky until there are major improvements.


The input lag has increased drastically in the Hong Kong DC. It was working flawlessly just before the update.
Guess something’s messed.


Reminder: please keep communication in this thread related to the streamer update.

The team worked extremely hard to get this update live and are now focusing on identifying the cause of some of these issues reported in order to deploy hot fixes. Keep the feedback coming - it’s helping us figure out what’s going on!


we all have soo Problems after the update and lost many many credits……. I hope you guys will give all members free Crédit´s for that Problems we have


I’m having problems with extreme fuzziness and discoloration. Few others on Discord aswell.


I’m also having trouble connecting with the Washington DC datacenter. Sky computer says it’s on but I can’t login.


I am experiencing Pixelation/Distortion & Stuttering with the occasional screen tear I guess it’s called? Had none of these problems yesterday or the day before, has occurred since updating the client. Here are all the details I can provide if you can find any use for them.

(Edit) - Forgot the DataCentre sorry - London

Details from the Show Stats option are as follows (Whilst hidden in a corner on Fortnite):

Network Latency - Constant 20ms or less
Decoded Latency - AVG 10ms (Can spike to 30ms)
Local Latency - 12-16ms
DPS - Between 40 - 60
Bandwith - Set to 15mb/s, 60 FPS on 720p
Loss - 0.00% up to a 5% loss
Jitter - AVG 1.2ms
Encoding - AVG 7ms
Capturing - AVG 0.30ms

Internet Specs via - Latency AVG 21ms - Download AVG 60Mb/s - Upload AVG 14Mb/s

Pc Specs:
Windows 10 Home
Intel® Celeron® N3350
1.1 GHz; Dual-core
4 GB
Intel® HD Graphics 500
DDR3L Shared graphics memory

This is not my main LS account - my main shows my real name so hence why using this profile, I’ll try as best as I can to respond if needed.


For anyone having resolution issues on the San Jose data center, please ensure that the client resolution is set to 1080p and not 720p. Might seem silly, but when I tested San Jose, the client defaulted to 720p. I was able to set to 1080p and run normally.


Can’t even connect to sky pc in San Jose server for the past 18 hours.