SkyBeam (Streamer) Update 3.0


Can you open a support ticket with that info? I don’t think that’s normal or expected behavior.


I cannot log into the SkyPC since yesterday it just keeps failing halp :l


Open a ticket with support! Otherwise I’d do this:

  • Open LiquidSky
  • Start SkyComputer
  • Stop SkyComputer
  • Close LiquidSky

From there, try starting like normal. Otherwise, yeah - support ticket.


How to stop when it just gives me error?


Ye I can’t i even reinstalled it lul, i sent ticket.


Alt-Tab, open any application (Notepad as example), Alt-Tab back to game. Mouse will be work correctly.


still a joke. a rig called “gamer” pulling of 20 fps in a trashgame like hots.
ill revamp my p3 500mhz from a decade ago, guess itll run better.


Àndroid users need to exit skycomputer and reconnect because alt and tab opens android app switcher

This is an old long standing bug.


False memory. Try did this on P3 1000mhz :slight_smile:
FPS drops - this is problem of overloaded LiquidSky, try run this in other day time.