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Reminder of the problem: The launch of some games causes a crash of the Skycomputer.


After 5 attempts to start a game (Dragon Age Inquisition) causing a crash of the skycomputer, here is the critical error indicated by the event log. I hope it can be useful.

Event ID: 41
Source: Kernel-Power
Log: System
Last hour: 5 (crash)

I watched on video game websites, the startup of a game that causes the crash (kernel-power id: 41) of the session is according to many people due to drivers or a version of windows not updated.

Some games, such as Mass Effect Andromeda, display a warning message when they start. The message indicates that the drivers are out of date and that malfunctions may occur.

The Geforce Experience application indicates that a driver update is available. But the download does not work.


Hi Wheatley98,

Thanks for the additional information and I know you already posted this on a different thread. We have notified one of our developers to check this out and see if it will help them isolate the problem further and come up with a solution faster.



i have the same Problem. Assassins Creed origins don’t work :frowning:


They’re actively working on a fix for connection issues after launching some games and are in testing arena.
So, it might be the one which could be fixed after that.


Please refer to this forum thread for further information: