SkyComputer Not Loadimg


My sky computer won’t start up, I tried in pro and it can’t start and then in gamer and makes no difference, I’ve deleted the computer many times but still no success of it launching


What datacenter and time was this?


datacenter is London, And it was at 6pm, and its not working now either and its 2:46pm.


Hmmm- have you tried connecting on Android or another device?


i have yes and im getting the same problem.


Have you tried on a different network? Seems really off…


Yep, and still nothing. I have no clue why this is happening? I contacted support and they told me last night it coulve been because of the peak time. But it’s still not working now. Not on Gamer or Pro


Have you tried reinstalling the client? Might be worth a shot…


I have to go, I’ll get back to you if it doesn’t work.


Same problem here.



Have you tried the suggestions I posted above?


Yes, still nothing. I tried to restart router and phone but with no luck. I deleted the sky pc but it’s the same.

I currently have 80mb/s in download and 22 in upload


What datacenter are you trying to connect to? Can you test this on another phone/computer?


Nothing is working for me, there must be problems with the datacenter’s


What datacenter are you trying to connect to? If it’s Frankfurt or London then probably- as it is peak time currently.


Frankfurt worked after almost 10 minutes of loading. Pc freeze exiting the game.

Yesterday it worked like a charm on Gamer PC with custom setting maxed out. Now the game was really slow.


That happens occasionally- sometimes you get lucky, other times you don’t. Hopefully with the upcoming changes this’ll be alleviated.


Thanx, just a question.

All Sky Pcs (Gamer mode) are the same? In terms of power.


Should be, ideally. But with how Virtualization technology works it could fluctuate (same with SLI/CrossFire- ideally it would be 2x performance, but somewhere in between depending upon the game).


Thanx for the answers.